You are in a "gap year" and would like to here away from it?

As an intern you can, on our ranch develop yourzelf.

You are "in between jobs or school" or by circumstances (even) not in employment. So you're here to break in.

At Horse Ranch Bonaire you can go now as a student to gain a great experience at our ranch.

Our ranch has not only horses, but also goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, donkeys and a cow.
As a student you can go through our ranch at Horse Ranch Bonaire throughout the year.

It is a unique opportunity to gain work experience abroad, in a completely different culture. 

Horse Ranch Bonaire is a recognized training company through the SSB in the Netherlands.

As a student/volenteer you can join  Horse Ranch Bonaire all year round, for an internship in horse management and animal care.

It is a unique opportunity to gain work experience abroad, in a completely different culture. An international internship is a valuable addition to your resume and offers you an amazing experience. You can start at any time of the year at Horse Ranch Bonaire.

There is a minimum period of 4 weeks with the maximum of 3 months.

Because living in our accommodation and the guidance of trainees brings with it extra care and costs we charge a fee of $11 dollars a day, for the accommodation.


Included in this price is:

preparation of your workingplace, transfer airport stay in our cosy accommodation on the basis of a shared room with shower Wi-Fi (6 gb per month) Gas for cooking, Electra, fridge Water, (what you can drink) participation of the trail Ride & Swim

What is not included is your airline ticket, travel insurance, food and drinks.

Of course you need a good travel insurance during your stay here.

If you are in possession of a driver’s license, you can rent a scooter here on Bonaire.

What do we expect from you:

Affinity with children, animals and especially horses. Enthusiasm and involvement!

If you after reading above still interested then you can use this link to book your Workplace

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