Dear Readers

Difficult times have passed.

We sincerely wish everyone good health and hope that this nightmare will end soon.

At our ranch we have 15 horses, 15 goats and sheep, 4 donkeys, 4 pot bellied pigs, 1 cow, 1 peacock, 3 cats, 7 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 rabbits and 10 tortoises.

As you may know, there are no more tourists on the island, since no Corona has been found on the island yet, so we are able to continue with our riding classes to the locals. But we are very concerned.

In the meantime we continue to take care of our animals,

Here's the tricky part. Because there are no tourists on our trail rides anymore, and the parents keep the children at home as a precaution, we miss our income to take good care of our horses and other animals.

That is why we turn to you, we hope for your support!

Our animals and I are very grateful to you

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